Kaleva All Stars Band


The Kaleva All Stars are a San Francisco Bay Area based, Finnish-American music group. Its members have backgrounds in a wide variety of music styles, from Finnish popular music to jazz, pop, folk and classical music. Kaleva All Stars have performed in various combinations at events all over the Bay Area since 2000.

The Kaleva All Stars/Dance repertoire covers a range of Finnish dance music including humppas, waltzes, jenkkas and tangos, to contemporary Finnish rock, pop & latin songs, as well as new interpretations of older Finnish songs, such as a salsa version of “Lännen Lokari.”

The Kaleva All Stars/Chamber perform Finnish classical and folk music in various combinations, from vocal & piano duos to small ensembles, performing music from Sibelius and Merikanto to Finnish folk songs.

The Kaleva All Stars also perform original compositions and arrangements by members of the group. Heikki Koskinen’s arrangements and compositions have been featured on CDs as well as in numerous Finnish radio (YLE) programs since the 1970s.

Previous acts such as Tulla Cotter & Co. and The Horsmas are among the musical talents that have graced the annual Berkeley Finnish Hall's Vappu Stage.




    Heikki Koskinen




    Raimo Hirvonen





    Heikki Koskinen - keyboards, digital trumpet, tenor recorder, arrangements

    Raimo Hirvonen - vocals, drums, keyboards, arrangements

    Kati Schenker - vocals

    Kurt Brown - guitar

    Mari Marjamaa - vocals

    Marja Mutru - classical piano & keyboards

    Noah Schenker - bass

    Rocky Tatarelli - saxophone