Lodge #21


Spring Vappu Fesival
Saturday April 29th, 2017


Celebrate the springtime Finnish holiday of Vappu!
Doors open at 3:00 pm
Fun for the whole Family! | Kids Crafts Tables
Finnish Folk, Pop, Rock, Hip Hop and beyond with DJ Renttu
Food, Drink, and Balloons

5:00 pm Kaleva Dance Ensemble plays live contemporary and traditional music of Finland and sing-a-long
Heikki Koskinen - piano, e-trumpet & tenor recorder, Kati Pienimäki Schenker - vocals, Marja Mutru - piano, Noah Schenker - bass, Raimo Hirvonen - vocals & drums
Free Admission

7:00 pm Life's Blood Ensemble presents "Otherworld Finland" 
In this pre-Finland Tour concert, Rent Romus presents a re-envisioning of his musical odyssey from the Otherworld Cycle for small ensemble in honor of 100 years of Finnish Independence and ten thousand years of spirit. 

“The other world is a place we all carry with us. Deep inside it manifests as unknown melodies while walking down the street, a feeling of Déjà Vu for people and places we’ve never been before, and a kinship with people we’ve never known."

Rent Romus - alto saxophone, flute; Joshua Marshall - tenor saxophone; Heikki "Mike" Kosikinen - e-trumpet/tenor recorder; Safa Shokrai - double bass; Timothy Orr - drums
$15 gen / $10 students & seniors
Early Bird Tickets: $12 gen

Vappu or May Day is an annual international celebration. It is a holiday in Finland to celebrate & usher in spring, as well as a traditional workers’ & students’ day. The name of the celebration comes from the German “Walpurgis day,” & is celebrated in many countries under a variety of names. Vappu is a major holiday, like Christmas Eve & Midsummer (Juhannus). Today Vappu belongs to everybody, with its carnival-like atmosphere featuring sima (drink), tippaleipä (pastry), & cheerful partying. Vappu celebrations in many places in Finland begin early at sunrise welcoming Vappu with traditional choral singing.

Parking directions: There is limited parking at the hall.  We are trying to reserve spaces for our elderly and disabled members.  Please call Kaj Rekola @ 650.799.7945 on December 4th after 10 am to reserve a parking space at the hall.

Parking in the vicinity is available on University Avenue.  There are parking meters, but they are free on Sundays.  You can also park in the school parking lot at Addison/Browning St.  At the traffic light on University Avenue/Bonar, turn onto Bonar, then turn immediately right onto Addison.  The parking lot entrance is on the right at Addison/Browning. See the FAQ page for a map.

Join UFKB&S! The Lodge meets officially on the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 7:30 p.m. in The Helsinki Cafe. Prospective members are encouraged to attend an event or a meeting, where they can ask questions and pick up an application. Future members must be voted in by members of the organization. 

Contact donamtaylor@gmail.com for more information.

The Finnish Hall and Lodge has served both immigrants and those seeking connection with their Finnish heritage and cultural practices. Lodge 21 is the second largest lodge in the United Finnish Kaleva Brothers & Sisters. Activities at the Finnish Hall have included stage plays, dances, orchestra, choruses, folk dancing, lending library, public dances, concerts, voting for Finnish national elections, movies, arts shows, poetry readings, and benefits.

Sub-groups include:

Yearly events include:

  • Finnish Independence Day - First Sunday in December
  • Children’s Christmas Party - Second Sunday in December
  • Vappu Celebration - First Sunday in May

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Lodge members at the annual Vappu dance.

Lodge members at the annual Vappu dance.