Northern Winds & Voices

About the music on “Inside / Outside” by Northern Winds & Voice:

“Kotimaani onko Suomi? / “My Homeland, Is It Finland?” is based on the often sentimental and patriotic song “Kotimaani ompi Suomi”.  NW&V takes a different, but still wistful, approach featuring spoken passages and jazzy saxophones; the Prelude includes passages from the

“Songs My Mother Taught Me” gave NW&V a chance to apply Charles Ives’ methods to his own song by infusing dreamlike Finnish folk melodies into Ives’ main arrangement.  The intro & outro freely superimpose traditional melodies drifting in & out of ourcollective consciousness.  My mother actually did sing these songs to me!  Both the studio and live versions are on the CD.

“Niin kauan minä tramppaan” / “As Long Shall I Walk” is a song from Pohjanmaa district, its lyrics reflecting the boastful attitudes of the local bad boys, called “häjyt”.  The jazzy saxophones and vocalese are employed through several tempo changes and moods. 

“Tuoll’ on mun kultani”/”Yonder Is My Darling” lyrics are from Kanteletar, a collection of old Finnish folk poems.  I heard it on my very first theater visit in my hometown, Turku, and it has stayed in my head ever since.  Our arrangement features Kati’s expressive voice with flutes, piano and bass backgrounds with a new written intro.

“Aamulla varhain” / “Early In The Morning” features Kati’s beautiful voice with ethnic Finnish instruments in this typically sad traditional song.  It begins with the birch bark horn and atmospheric free improvisations with wooden flutes.  Both the studio and live versions are included.

“Maanituslaulu”, “Velkutus”, and “Vilu” are original melodies, stylistically influenced by archaic Finnish music and the national epic “Kalevala”.  Besides written themes the arrangements of these melodies employ lots of free flowing improvisations, including vocalese and many woodwinds.

Wall-nuts, Vaaputus, Kukerrus & Paljakka are extemporaneous group improvisations, that complement the arranged songs, and feature ethnic woodwinds, small “sound” instruments, voice and double bass.  The free improvisations were inspired by the unique sounds at the Finnish Kaleva Hall.


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