Springtime Festival

Vappu Spring Festival
May Day Celebration


Saturday April 29th 2018, 3pm
at The Finnish Kaleva Hall


SCHEDULE TBD (last year's program below):

Celebrate the springtime Finnish holiday of Vappu!
Doors open at 3:00 pm
Fun for the whole Family! | Kids Crafts Tables
Finnish Folk, Pop, Rock, Hip Hop and beyond with DJ Renttu
Food, Drink, and Balloons

5:00 pm Kaleva Dance Ensemble plays live contemporary and traditional music of Finland and sing-a-long
Heikki Koskinen - piano, e-trumpet & tenor recorder, Kati Pienimäki Schenker - vocals, Marja Mutru - piano, Noah Schenker - bass, Raimo Hirvonen - vocals & drums

7:00 pm Life's Blood Ensemble presents "Otherworld Finland" 
In this pre-Finland Tour concert, Rent Romus presents a re-envisioning of his musical odyssey from the Otherworld Cycle for small ensemble in honor of 100 years of Finnish Independence and ten thousand years of spirit. 

“The other world is a place we all carry with us. Deep inside it manifests as unknown melodies while walking down the street, a feeling of Déjà Vu for people and places we’ve never been before, and a kinship with people we’ve never known."

Rent Romus - alto saxophone, flute; Joshua Marshall - tenor saxophone; Heikki "Mike" Kosikinen - e-trumpet/tenor recorder; Safa Shokrai - double bass; Timothy Orr - drums
$15 gen / $10 students & seniors
Early Bird Tickets: $12 gen

Vappu or May Day is an annual international celebration. It is a holiday in Finland to celebrate & usher in spring, as well as a traditional workers’ & students’ day. The name of the celebration comes from the German “Walpurgis day,” & is celebrated in many countries under a variety of names. Vappu is a major holiday, like Christmas Eve & Midsummer (Juhannus). Today Vappu belongs to everybody, with its carnival-like atmosphere featuring sima (drink), tippaleipä (pastry), & cheerful partying. Vappu celebrations in many places in Finland begin early at sunrise welcoming Vappu with traditional choral singing.