Springtime Festival

Annual Spring Festival
May Day Celebration

Northern Winds & Voices
Local Arts & Crafts
Silent Auction

Saturday May 7 2016
at The Finnish Kaleva Hall


Northern Winds & Voices

Northern Winds & Voices


3:30PM Doors open
4:00PM Northern Winds & Voices Concert
6:00PM Silent auction benefitting the Finnish Hall, food tables,                                          local arts & crafts 

“NORTHERN WINDS & VOICES” was created by composer, arranger & multi-instrumentalist Heikki Koskinen for a project featuring new and old Finnish music, arranged in innovative new ways, exploring the universal connections between immigrants and their motherlands.  NW&V brings together five musicians from many past projects and performances utilizing each musician’s unique sound in creating new sonic textures and ways to interpret these songs that are well known to the Finnish community, yet arranged in non-traditional ways.  NW&V takes the listener on a musical ride through a wide variety of styles and approaches, from written arrangements to free flowing extemporaneous group improvisations.
Instrumentations range from more conventional vocal, sax, piano & bass ensembles to blending a variety of ethnic and traditional flutes with Finnish kantele & birch bark horn and wordless vocalese.  “Inside/Outside” was recorded in various settings ranging from studios and live gigs to the uniquely reverberant Berkeley Finnish Kaleva Hall.

The album will be released on Edgetone Records in April.

For more details about the music, click here.

NW&V musicians are:

Heikki Koskinen: piano, tenor recorder, e-trumpet; kantele; arrangements
Kati Pienimäki Schenker: vocals, kantele
Steve Heckman: tenor sax, Bb & bass, clarinet, alto, bass & wooden flutes
Rent Romus: alto sax, flutes & kantele
Noah Schenker: double bass.

Supporting Organizations: “Northern Winds and Voices” is made possible through the Musical Grant Program, which is administered by the San Francisco Friends of Chamber Music, and supported by the Heller Foundation, the Hewlett Foundation, the San Francisco Foundation and San Francisco Grants for The Arts. Berkeley’s Kaleva Lodge #21 has provided the recording space and concert venue.

More info: www.heikkikoskinen.com | 415-515-5426 | kmusic@pacbell.net

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1701458870098910/