Other Special Events


This page highlights cultural events at the hall.
For rental availability, please visit the page of the room you are interested in, located under the "RENTALS" tab, and check the availability calendar for that space.


Performing Arts Salon
Friday May 20th at 8PM
in the upstairs Meeting Room!

With new work by:

Karla Quintero
Andy Strain
Rosemary Hannon
with Mindy Zarem
and Diana Lara

Join us for works in progress, experiments, and improvisation. Feedback, discourse, hangout. Performance, discussion, mingling!

Spring 2017 Residents

Randy & Gabe join forces to bring us Pu$$y Pop for Jesus / Ballsacrilegious,  a tongue-in-cheek spin-off on traditional Sunday Services that intends to queer the memory-space-time of “Sunday mornings” by disseminating spiritual and non-spiritual texts, building queer spiritual ecologies, warm-up/praise and Serwoman sermon/intention-setting, yoga, dance improvisation, and shaking our @$$es to celebrate our individual and collective resilience.

*** PUBLIC SHARING the evening of June 18! ***


Rent Romus Life's Blood Ensemble
April 29, 2017

Easter Cheapster Jam
April 14th - 17th 2017

Axis Syllabus/ Movement Artisans
with Kira Kirsch and Antoine Ragot
July 7-10 2016

RASANBLE! Haitian Arts & Culture Festival
July 22 - 24 2016

Northern Winds & Voices
Concert and Springtime Festival
May 7 at 4PM

Crane & Crocodile 2.1: Domestic Interrogations
a new dance performance
by Rosemary Hannon
and Miriam Wolodarski
April 29 & 30 2016

Axis Syllabus Workshop
with Kevin O'Connor and Kelly Keenan
April 29 - May 2

Axis Syllabus Intensive
with Frey Faust and Francesca Pedulla
March 7 - 13th 2016

Fall Hall Jam
a focused and affordable weekend of Contact Improvisation
October 28th - 30th

Halloween Time Travelers Ball
Oakland Intergroup Alcohol Free Party
October 31

SALTA Dance Collective
Wednesday October 28th
Show at 8:30PM

Swing Dance
October 17th
starts at 7pm

VîV Soft Open
October 2nd
Show at 8PM

Frey Faust, Axis Syllabus Originator

Frey Faust, Axis Syllabus Originator

Rosemary Hannon and Miriam Wolodarski in Crane & Crocodile 2.1: Domestic Interrogations

Rosemary Hannon and Miriam Wolodarski in
Crane & Crocodile 2.1: Domestic Interrogations

Contact Improvisation Weekend Jam

Contact Improvisation Weekend Jam