We expect all our renters to:

* Respect the hours of your reservation: please arrive on time, and be ready to leave at the end of your slot.

* Leave the space clean. This includes taking out the trash if you filled up the bin, sweeping up, and putting back all furniture. Composting and recycling are important to us: sort your waste correctly.

* Turn off lights and heaters before leaving. 

* Lock the door behind you if there is no event directly after yours.

* Abide by the no alcohol policy.

* Alert the managers if anything is broken, stolen, or otherwise awry.

* Smoke only outside.

* Take care of our hardwood floors.  This includes taking care not to scrape or gouge the floor with chairs, tables, shoes, etc. Dance events may NOT use powder of any kind, and we expect organizers to convey this clearly to all participants. 

* Have no liquids besides drinking water, no food, oil, candles, or open flame of any kind without express permission from the managers.

* Follow any and all restrictions including but not limited to space, guest count, hours, and noise given by the managers.  Failure to comply with the managers' instructions may result in your event being shut down without a refund.


Questions? Check out our FAQ for more information!
If you don't find your answer there, don't hesitate to email finnish.hall@gmail.com
or call us at 510-845-5352.